The fact that Fairtrade, Naturland, and Demeter (to name just a few) have all given us their seal of approval means not only improved working conditions and great coffee, but also that consumers can trust what they buy. In turn, this translates into unique selling points that boost sales, particularly for retail brands. As a result, you can soon share in phenomenal rates of market growth:

- In 2012 alone, sales of fair-trade products considerably outperformed the market as a whole. 
- The combination of organic and fair trade is particularly popular.
- In 2014, Demeter products alone posted a total increase in sales of 15 percent. (Demeter 2015)

To enable you to harness this potential, our products have obtained all major national and international certification.

Issued by Fairtrade International (FLO), the world’s largest organization promoting fair trade, this is probably the best-known fair-trade certificate. The German arm of the organization is called TransFair. Fairtrade encompasses a uniform framework of standards that apply worldwide. The aim is to enable cooperatives of small farmers to benefit from stable prices and to promote direct, long-term trading relationships.

Fairtrade Deutschland

An association of farmers and processors with stringent regulations, some of which even govern areas not covered by the EU Regulation on the production and labeling of organic products.


Farmer’s association that works in line with extremely stringent biodynamic guidelines. This is a highly trusted seal of approval.

Foods that are produced organically in accordance with EU regulations are entitled to bear this label. While it guarantees compliance with certain standards, these are not as strict as those set by the farmers’ associations (e.g. Demeter and Naturland).

American organic certification. Similar to the EU certified organic food label in terms of organization and criteria. Since June 1, 2012, products that have been declared “USDA Organic” are also recognized as being organic within the EU.

The most important British organization for organic food and farming. Extremely well known in the UK.

Independent control and certification body, originally from France. Now represented in 80 countries worldwide.

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