The Full Package.

  • Advisory services, development for line expansion/individual products in the organic/fair-trade segment
  • Realization of individual product ideas
  • Labeling/packaging design in line with client specifications


  • Organic, fair-trade, and Demeter coffee beans
  • Organic and Demeter grains
  • Milky blends made with local organic produce
  • Organic and fair-trade hot chocolate


  • Freeze-dried/agglomerated/spray-dried instant beverages
  • Filter coffee, espresso, caffè crema
  • Coffee pads/sticks
  • Milky blend powder
  • Cocoa powder (soluble)


  • Sealed pouches with/without outer packaging
  • Jars
  • Tins
  • Individual packaging units such as sticks, sachets, etc.


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